Project Description

TIS was contracted to provide engineering and design support to SPX Rail Systems. For decades they had been suppling signalling equipment to the railway industry.

They began to realise that their product performance was not as high as their competitors which was making it increasingly difficult to compete in the market. As a result, SPX initiated a number of R&D projects to upgrade their product and increase its reliability and the number of safety benefits it featured.

There were also a number of addition sub-projects which included:

  • Level crossing upgrades

  • Point machine upgrades

  • Train stop product development

We were hired to play a lead management role on the R&D projects. We were also hired to utilise our expertise in product lifecycle management to assist in the signalling equipment development and ensure that they were delivered on time and on budget to their customers.

As part of the project we reviewed the product performance data, we identified components and sub-systems that required improvement and/ or monitoring. As a result condition monitoring features were introduced in the product design, build and testing stages. We consequently successfully assisted SPX in developing, releasing and selling new point machines and level-crossing barrier accessories to the local and international rail markets. We also increased their customers confidence in their products and support services by ensuring that there were agreed terms of compliance.

The end result was that SPX significantly increased their sales by selling their new products and extended support contracts.