Project Description

Network Rail

We were hired by network rail in order to increase their asset reliability and develop new safety benefits. We lead their R&D project with the goal of verifying that by applying an x-ray digital radiography was the right choice for carrying out advanced inspection of OLE contact wire.

The goal was to use the technology to identify fatigue generated cracks within the contact wire and they put in place corrective actions to prevent a catastrophic failure which would cost millions of pounds to repair.

We were responsible for the entire project using our expertise in digital radiography technology. During the deliver of the project we were able to prove that digital radiography was capable of not only identifying cracks but also determining other contributing factors that contributes to the OLE contact wire failure.

The outcome of the project was that we were able to increase their asset reliability levels on the OLE which will save them a significant amount of money and reduced delays in rail transport across the country.